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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 6, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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a new push tonight to crack down on prostitution in one bay area city and protect children from being exploited. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. residents of vallejo describe it as a plague in their neighbor. they say they're fed up with prostitution and the crime it attracts. new at 10:00, how some people are now taking matters in their
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own hands. amber lee has been talking to residents. >> reporter: we are talking to residents who say the number of prostitutes in the area are growing and that they are younger in age. property owner b.j. conrad told us she drives around almost daily looking for prostitutes and pimps and calls 911 when she spots them. >> sometimes you can look up the block and see one gal on each corner. we're concerned that it can also be children under aged children. >> reporter: neighbors toll us they've seen prostitutes -- neighbors told us they've seen prostitutes as young as 14 years old. we saw three women bundled up who appeared to be prostitutes out on the cold walking the streets. >> i think it's disgusting. >> reporter: the increase in prostitution has led to other crimes, illegal drugs, gang activity and shootings.
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margaret suspects that cut backs in the police department have caused the problem, so they say it's time for residents to get involved. solano county's new district attorney says he's looking for a program to rehabilitate prostitutes instead of arresting them. >> one of the areas that i'm particularly interested in is efforts to keep our kids out of the criminal justice system. >> reporter: city leaders have formed a prostitute task force and plans to meet in less than three weeks to discuss solutions. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. a vallejo man who admitted to setting fire to a solano county courthouse was sentenced to 12 years in prison today as part of a plea deal.
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31-year-old benjamin fickel said he helped walton set fire to the courthouse. authorities haven't said why the pair started the fire. hundreds of copies of legal records were destroyed but most were replaced from digital back up. the outgoing board of supervisors meets tomorrow for their final vote on their final day in office. may say a consensus is building for this man, ed lee but the decision will likely fall to the new incoming board. >> reporter: san francisco politics at it's best here in the coming days. all the supervisors are expected to appoint ed lee to be the interim mayor but it will be up to that new board of
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soups to vote in the new mayor of san francisco. tonight a meet and greet with the new board member of supervisors. >> for me it's all about jobs here in san francisco. >> reporter: but before ferrell can tackling unemployment, supervisors will have to vote in a new mayor. >> i'm very comfortable with lee being our interim mayor. >> but there are other people out there as well, i'm going to do my home work and look forward to making my decision. >> reporter: lee is out of the country but released this statement today. today the chinese community gathered to celebrate the expected appointment of ed lee. >> he has no ego and he just
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has very good work ethics. >> reporter: lee's 30 plus years of service to san francisco is the experience needed. mayor newsom agreed today that ed lee is the right choice. >> he's the one who's above the fray, he's the one that actually understands more about the governance of the city than anyone else, because he's worked in all these departments. ed lee could become the next mayor of san francisco means that with oakland's quan, two asian americans could be leading two bay area cities. who will mayor newsom tap
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to be the next district attorney? newsom spoke with several unnamed candidates today and said he wants to announce his decision tomorrow or saturday at the latest. a judge has put phone calls between garridos on hold. the two are facing charges after kidnapping jaycee dugard. a suspended contra costa counselor has pled not guilty to child molestation. police say they found thousands of pornographic images on jewell's computer. a san francisco man with an
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eye for art has been sentenced to a year. our cameras were there when police found thousands of pieces of art in his apartment. helgren pled guilty. a san francisco family won a temporary reprieve from deportation today. supporters of 18-year-old elizabeth lee sent up a cheer outside mission dolores, lee, her mother, father and brother felix were supposed to be deported to their home country of peru. lee graduated with honors from lowell high and was accepted into sanford history. >> unfortunately my mother was
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arrested again by immigration in may of 2010, we were supposed to be deported before school everyone started so i lost my chance at that. >> reporter: the family arrived here in 2001 on a tourist visa. officials granted the six month reprieve so the lees can work on a legal defense and possibly find a way to stay in the country permenantly. in the nation's capital, they read the constitution. but the bipartisanship did not last long. the democrats accused republicans of passing budgetary rules that protect millionaires while increasing the deficit. >> so we're here today to say these reckless fiscal policies are dead on arrival here in the senate.
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just 24 hours into its tenure, the new congress has a favorite word, repeal. not only are republicans calling for the repeal of health care reform they also want to overturn new regulations governing wall street. there's also a move to create a national sales tax. president obama introduced bill daley a man considered a centralist who has ties to wall street. daley is the son of the former chicago mayor richard daley and the brother of the current mayor. jerry brown has an early opportunity to shape the state's highest court. that's because california supreme court justice charles moreno announced today he is retiring. ktvu's jana katsuyama reports. >> reporter: at the state supreme court in san francisco
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news spread quickly about supreme court justice carlos moreno. >> he was just reelected last november. >> i carlos moreno. >> reporter: the 62-year-old justice is the court's only latino and the lone democratic appointee. >> i think his decent in the prop eight case is going to be part of his legacy. >> reporter: greg wolf says justice moreno is a man of courage. in the controversial proposition eight gay marriage ban case, justice moreno was the lone voice of decent in the justice court. >> i think it was important for him to have the courage to stand up everyone though he was alone and say that he thought the proposition eight should have been overturn. >> reporter: medina says justice moreno has mentored and inspired many young lawyers. >> it is a loss to the state because he demonstrates the
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diversity and opinion and ideas that we need. >> reporter: in a statement today, justice moreno said quote, i look forward to weighing my actions in the private-sector and alternative dispute resolution and widening my civic involvement in public affairs. jana katsuyama, ktvu challenge two channel 2 news. >> there are no remaining latinos or african americans left in the supreme court. jerry brown named the high court's first latinos, it's first two african americans and it's first woman. dave jones today called for a 60 day moratorium on a proposal by blue shield of california to dramatically
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raise rates. blue shield released a statement blaming -- legal experts tell ktvu news it appears there is nothing in california law to stop those increases. if you're driving tonight, be careful. fog is rolling in and will probably still be around for the morning commute. new rules for watching the mavericks surf contest. what's being done differencely to prevent problems like last time. and brutal attack at a south bay nightclub. the action police have already taken and what may be next.
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a warning tonight from if highway patrol about fog. our cool nights that help create the dense fog also create low visibility. also a spare the air alert, lloyd lacuesta has the story. >> reporter: cars are headed east up the altamont pass where visibility is really limited. heavy fog on the altamont pass has been a regular sight. the storms have left and the temperatures make it ideal conditions for fog to settle in. there have been no major
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collisions but limited visibility make it harder for drivers. >> the last two mornings we've been coming in to san ramon and we see probably 100 yards ahead of us. >> a little more stressful and you have to pay attention 100% of the time. >> reporter: i80 is a commuter area, commuters who drive this every day need now to slow down and avoid using the high beams of head lights. >> basically fog is particles. when you hit water with high beams of light you get a wash out. drive within the limitations of your vehicle, the roadway and your ability. >> reporter: the thick fog had nothing to do with tonight being a spare the air night. but the air quality agency said the cold, dry weather conditions are trapping smoke near the ground. so burning wood in fireplaces and stoves tonight are subject to a $400 fine. >> smog is bad for everyone and
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that's one fireplace only keeps one person warm. in the interest of everyone, i believe it does a greater good. >> if it's going to make the air better for us to live, i'm more than willing. >> reporter: tonight is a third spare the air alert of the season and it may be imposed again tomorrow, and if you're driving, be ready for the fog. live in livermore, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking just how thick the fog is and he'll join us in just a couple of minutes. the department of water resources is making repairs to the livermore levee. 100feet of the levee was damaged. the levee must be repaired but
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it's not in immediate threat of collapse. and the mavericks surf competition has announced new rules. if and when the contest is held, spectators will not be allowed on to the cliff at half- moon bay. organizers say a live video feed will be available at the fox theater in redwood city. the oceana hotel and spa in half-moon bay harbor or the wipe out bar and grill in pier 29 in san francisco. online viewing is also an option. a rise in first time unemployment claims last week received mixed reaction on wall street today. the dow industrials lost 25 points but the nasdaq lost seven. tomorrow traders will have to weigh the results of the labor department monthly job reports. retailers experienced their best holiday season since 2006 with same store sales up 2.3%
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according to a thompson roiters report. gap reported revenue was flat in december and same store sales were down 3%. target and macy's also didn't see increases. and home sales have increased 50% since 1989. only san diego is worse with the number of homes for sale up almost 66% compared to 2009. nationwide the national inventory was about 11% year to year. and the new superintendent of schools say more tax dollars are badly needed today he declared a financial state of emergency. meantime we've learned new governor jerry brown plans to eliminate his education staff. ken pritchett reports now from sacramento. >> reporter: across are if the
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capital in a rented space is the office of the governor secretary of education. the hotel will soon need a new tenant. ktvu has learned the office according to staff has closed but the brown administration is not confirming. not to be confused with the education department or state superintendent's office, the 11 member staff of the secretary of education serves the governor. brown on the campaign trail said the officer was redundant and pledged to trim the staff by 25%. this comes after the superintendent called a national emergency. >> the law does not allow me to call the national guard while making this type of emergency. but i'm calling for all californians to visit their schools, to volunteer at their schools. >> reporter: 174 out of the state's more than 1,000 school districts are on the financial brink. he called for a review of high school sponsorship. >> this is a story that is not
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the california dream, it is not the story of the californians can be proud of. this is a story that shows california being behind. >> reporter: toleson says he wants to see schools spared on the announcement brown will make monday. in sacramento, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. the future of a san pablo elementary school can be decided next sunday night. slate elementary was expected to be closed in september. ktvu has been told it would be unusual for the city to help the school district and a lot of people in san pablo are
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hoping it will. and you heard lloyd talking about the fog. the big pool of fog in the central valley, winds blowing it up through the delta. here is where we stand right now. dense fog advisory, i suspect we'll see dense fog advisory in vallejo and the east bay counties tomorrow morning. overnight lows are cool, there's the fog footprint for the morning hours. visibility are going to get right down there. this high pressure is the culprit. the highs are going to weaken here in a little while. i'll let you know when that will happen. tomorrow morning, your commute it'll be foggy. i'll see you back here with a computer model that will show you where the fog is going after that. a retired couple from washington state today claimed their share of half of the mega millions jackpot. jim mccullock compared the moment when he compared their numbers to the winning numbers. >> i said look at this and look
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at that. she looked and she studied, and she looked and she studied and she looked at me and screamed. >> then he said came tears of joy. their ticket is worth $90 million. the lump payment after taxes comes to $90 million. the brutallal attack with a stilleto heel and what it's now prompted police to do. two people shot in two days prompts citizen action here in oakland. we'll tell you about the block by block plan to take back city streets.
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in the east bay, homicide detectives are searching for a gunman tonight who killed a 24-
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year-old man shortly before 6:00 this evening. this is new video from the scene. investigators say the unidentified victim was shot multiple times and was found on the side of the road at the intersection of garden avenue and west a street in unincorporated hayward. the alameda sheriff's office says it received several calls about gunshots. deputies say no arrests have been made. a trouble downtown san jose nightclub could close for good later this month. the city is moving to shut down the club wet following a fight during a new year's celebration. but the club says this latest incident is being blown out of proportion. ktvu's janine de la vega reports. >> reporter: this is video on wet's website. >> as a result of that attack, the female victim sustained a through and through puncture
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wound to her cheek from a stilleto heel. >> reporter: police say the woman was told by club workers it would be better to drive herself to the hospital because an ambulance was expensive. >> as far as calling the police they advised her that officers were already on scene and they had detained some of the suspects in the attack. >> reporter: police tell us they were never called and have now used an emergency ordnance to pull the club's entertainment license for 30 days. it's happened twice before to wet, once when two people were stabbed and once again when a you tube video showed a massive fight. >> we have constant monitoring and they still have problems with the police. we just can't continue to do this. >> reporter: employees from wet did not want to appear on camera but did tell us that the new year's eve incident is being blown out of proportion. they say the club never refused medical attention or lied about calling police. >> we want to continue working
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with the police not be in adversary relationship. >> reporter: there will be a meeting to determine whether the nightclub should still operate. reporting from san jose, janine de la vega. witnesses testified today that michael jackson's doctor tried to cover up the cause of the singer's death. during a hearing to determine if dr. conrad murray will face a murder trial, three witnesses say he removed three viles from jackson's room. jackson murray department tell them -- didn't tell them that he had administered the sedative prophopol to jackson and that jackson showed no signs of life when he arrived to the hospital. the real first was actually 40 years ago. there was a gas odor some where i think we needs to find
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it. a mysterious odor but is it natural gas. ktvu investigating a mysterious odor in one neighborhood and asks pg & e for answers.
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a search by hayward police for two suspects who may have shot a dog wound up delaying b.a.r.t. service for about 20 minutes during this evening's rush hour. one suspect was found in a b.a.r.t. parking lot. there is no word tonight on the condition of the dog. a group of volunteers is gearing up to fight crime and grime in an east oakland neighborhood where six people were shot on tuesday. oakland's new mayor says people can make a difference if they
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are willing to get involved. ktvu's patti lee is live now to tell us about the effort. >> reporter: police have stepped up patrols in a grass roots campaign is under way to convince residents that they can take back their streets if they just get involved. sheryl watson is stepping up to the challenge. she and many volunteers on quan's campaign gathered at this meeting hall to brainstorm ideas on how to take back their neighbors. specifically district seven beat 33. where six people were shot and wounded tuesday and where many of these volunteers will spend this coming saturday knocking on doors, convincing residents such as the lagunas family to get over their fear. >> we usually used to walk until 6:00 at night. but now my mom tells me, go home early. >> we need people to care.
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and i think once we start showing we care we will take back our community. >> i think a lot of people just haven't been reached. i don't think people have actually talked to them. quan acknowledged er today, district seven beat 33 has a lot more problems. >> only 30% of the young african american men have graduated from high school, that is unacceptable in this city. >> reporter: quan plans to accomplish an education cabinet that will help develop programs that will get kids reading by the third grade and provide mentorship and internship programs later. patti lee, ktvu news. police have identified a man killed last night in west oakland. 46-year-old donald johnson was
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shot to death while sitting in a van at the intersection of 16th and center streets at about 9:30 at night. police haven't determined a motive and no arrests have been made. asian americans may soon hold the title of mayor in two of the three largest cities in the bay area. this is perhaps a reflection of the population. only hawaii has a higher percentage of asian americans than california. ktvu's rita williams shows us the changing face of bay area politics. quan, first woman, first asian american woman mayor of oakland. now ed lee may become the mayor of san francisco. >> ed lee is an old friend. i call him for advise. >> reporter: now the residents
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-- now the asian american community in san francisco is 18% higher. >> finally asian americans are moving to the center of american politics. >> reporter: chinese americans coming to build railroads, work in mines, live in china town ghettos to keep them separate. >> many chinese americans, many asian americans come from countries where the government were repressive and political participation in those countries was highly discouraged. >> reporter: despite all the hoopla now the real first was actually 40 years ago in san jose. when norman maneta was elected as the first asian american mayor of a major american city. an fbi employee who oversaw
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security clearances in the san francisco bureau pled guilty today to making false statements to the agency. in 2007, rachelle tomaskul declared that she owed 866,000 -- burlingame has pledged to step up against high speed rail. and if burlingame wants underground tracks it must raise the money itself. the council plans to decide on january 18th whether to join a
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lawsuit against the $43 billion project. the auto show is underway. many bay area drivers told us they are especially concerned about fuel circumstantiality as they -- fuel efficiency as they watch gas prices increase. the auto industry expects to sell 13 million cars and light trucks this year in the united states. up 13% compared to last year. we posted a slide show with photos of some of the cars on display at just look for the slide shows tab. it was supposed to streamline their service, coming up next, the change in trash service that's left some people frustrated on the peninsula. and a lot of fog in the valley, a dense fog advisory in the big valley. i'll have your friday morning
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commute forecast, it includes fog. guide dogs in training affected by a major outbreak of a contagious virus in marin county.
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a new garbage collection company that just started operating in the peninsula has some customers complaining it's off to a rocky start. the company called recology began collecting crash on monday. recology says it's changed some collection dates, routes and the bin. now some residents are saying those bins are too small. >> i know that they are going to up the amount of times that they come, now it's going to be weekly. but prior to that we were overflowing into the street. so i'm hoping that is rectified. recology said it is experiencing growing pains and
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is encouraging customers to call and report any problems so they can be resolved quickly. all the bunker fuel and hydraulic oil has been removed from a capsized boat. in news of the world tonight, in turkey police arrested a 40-year-old man on charges of attempted high jacking. authorities say he claimed to have a bomb on a charge to istanbul. two passengers subdued him and held him until turkish airlines landed in istanbul. officials did not provide any details about his possible motive. in brazil, mud slides and flooding are being blamed for the deaths of at least 35
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people in sao paolo. across the country, heavy rains have forced 30,000 brazilians out of their homes. a state of emergencies have been declared in several areas and more rain is in the forecast. and if greece, protesters threw -- more marine combat forces will be sent to afghanistan. some 1,400 marines are expected to arrive there within weeks. officials say they hope the additional forces will help consolidate recent gains. president obama still plans to start withdrawing american forces this coming july. robert gates unveiled the
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plan to cut $78 billion in spending to help the nation tighten it's belt. gates said weapons programs could be cut and health care premiums for troops and their families would be increased. under his plan, the army and navy would reduce their numbers. the will of elizabeth edwards was made public. and the name of his astranged husband was not in it. elizabeth and robert had been married for 35 years. her will leaves all of her property to her three children. edwards died last month of breast cancer. it comes and goes, but the odor is unmistakable. coming up next, ktvu investigating a strange smell in the oakland neighbor that's prompting fears of an explosion. and chief meteorologist bill martin is next to tell us
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what we can expect in our five day forecast.
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for two days now, pg & e has been investigating reports of a strong gas smell. now the utility has concluded the odor isn't from a gas leak and is suggesting other sources for the smell. ktvu's jim vargas has our report. >> reporter: the latest incident of a natural gas like odor along these buildings was yesterday and today. the first call to pg & e came from a second floor office on an architecture and engineering firm. >> the smell came from some where. there was an odor some where and i think we need to find it. >> reporter: memories of last year's explosion has people worried. >> that flashed through my mind as i smelled that odor. i stood on the balcony here
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smelling this gas, i thought could we go up? >> if pg & e says that it's nothing, what can we do? who else can we go to. >> we do smell with our customers are smelling, it is not natural gas but we are committing to working with the appropriate agencies to identify the source. >> reporter: possible sources includes the port. sewage pumps are working close to the line as well today. beyond is a busy port cargo terminal. but accept for pg & e, no one that smelled the odor said that it was nothing other than gas. in oakland, jim vargas, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco began
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recalling frozen meat and tamales because it contained an inagreement not mentioned in the label. the allergen is whey. there are no reports of consumers suffering any reactions. guide dogs for the blind are dealing with a highly -- virus. >> just takes extraordinary veterinary care to help nurse them through it. there is no cure to it, you just have to help them get through it. >> officials say they are not worried about dogs older than 4
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months old, because they are fully inoculated. it's the younger ones that are susceptible. they say they are not sure how the virus got into the kennel. the android knocked the blackberry out the iphone out of first place. analysts say android is outselling apple because it's system is available on many different kinds of smart phones while apple is only on the iphone. a the vatican today, pope benedict xvi rejected the -- he said god planned the creation
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and the universe was not the product of chance. offshore winds today made for a great scene. mavericks breaking for the first time this year. there's been waves but today is pretty much opening day. a lot of surfers out enjoying the large surf. looks like it's peaking tonight. it's going to be a little smaller tomorrow but just to let you know you only see these big waves when it's winter in the area. live storm tracker 2 shows the fog comes out of the valley shooting the gap there at the straight. so fog back in your forecast. a dense fog advisory in the central area. it'll be easy to get one again tomorrow morning by the delta
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by antioch up by martinez. morning fog, hazy sunshine. slow burn off for the fog in con cords. -- concord. it's going to burn off very slowly. until it rains, until we get some kind of wind in here, the fog is going to live in the central valley and it's going to do this. it's going to push it's way. that's an easterly wind. it's going to push the fog to us. this fog slow to clear, just didn't burn off very quickly. a lot of marsh land, so the fog is sticking a long time tomorrow. dense fog wants to break up or should break up early next week as a very weak weather system moves in. i don't think it's going to bring rain. it's just going to break up the inversion, as it goes away we'll start to see a bit of a warm up in the central valley. there's a computer model showing you fog trying to work it's way out to us in the morning hours then residing back into the valley and again tomorrow night, the fog pushes
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back in. the fog is a player. you knew that and it's going to be there. if you have travel plans not just tomorrow but saturday and sunday the valley fog will enter into it. tomorrow afternoon, daytime highs just in the mid-50s. temperatures tomorrow are going to be in the 50s in the inland valley, upper 50s in the warmest spots and the santa clara valley. no rain to speak of really. drive safely between 5:00 and 7:00. >> very careful. for decades the u.s.s. -- served soldiers. it slowly sank to the depth of
10:52 pm
66 feet, it's accessible to fish and crustaceans. and jim harbaugh. one of the teams interested in him is out of the running. w t ileororr li irore
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the perks of being governor
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an world champs. the state capital turned orange and black today as lawmakers honored the world series champions san francisco giants. team executives showed off the team trophy which is in the middle of a public tour. mark is off tonight. fred inglis is filling in. seems like every hour we're getting new information from stanford. >> we're getting twitters, mostly rumors. but luck says he will staying at stanford. there could be a lock out by the owners some if not all of next season and players would
10:56 pm
not get paid. and jim harbaugh met with miami, they decided to retain tony spanaro instead. so the denver broncos still want to interview harbaugh. but most reports agree that stanford and the 49ers are neck and neck for this race. you can't win if you don't score. last year the sharks got shut out just three times, they've already doubled that number this season. tonight troy picked a fight with weber of the buffalo sabers. buffalo scores twice in the first. once in the second. and sharks take 36 shots, lose 3-0. buffalo wins for just the second time ever in san jose. stanford's men basketball team is young but fearless.
10:57 pm
they traveled to tempe and put the clamps on the devils. josh owen shows them a thing or two. the cardinals they have 10 freshmen, zero seniors on the team. it's all josh, stanford wins on the road 65-41. cal loses in tucson. bears 0-2 in the pac10. gail shot 61% against lnu. edgar renteria signing with
10:58 pm
the reds. how about singletary interviewing for florida. >> oh, good, he landed on his feet. and our coverage continues tonight on thank you so much for joining us. have a good night everyone. >> good night.
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